While I take extreme pride in all of my projects and the quality of my work is validated by constant referrals, to be recognized by having this work published is, in my opinion, the ultimate validation.

In July of 2012, I was contacted by the editors of the most widely used architecture college text book in the country and asked if they might include a few of my projects as examples of properly planned and completed (kitchen?) projects.  The editor toured of a number of homes, all boasting custom interiors and cabinetry.  He selected three, which featured my work, and subsequently contacted me for permission to include them in the current edition of his textbook.  I proudly supplied his team with all of my hand drawings along with digitized versions and finished photographs of the final outcome.  It was such an honor to actually see my work published and memorialized for posterity in such a well-known publication. 

I approach each and every project with the same enthusiasm and unique perspective as the ones presented here.  Who knows…..maybe your project will be selected for a future edition!

Media/ Press

See Chapter 7
Basic Area Design| Kitchens
Figures 10:33A,B,C, D, p189-190http://www.cengage.com/search/productOverview.do?Ntt=40504842916828493691165628669309110935&N=15+4294922323+23&Ntk=P_EPI
See Chapter 18
Basic Architectural Drawing| Section, Detail, and Cabinetry Drawing
Figures 18.41A, B, C, D, p410-413http://www.cengage.com/search/productOverview.do?Ntt=40504842916828493691165628669309110935&N=15+4294922323+23&Ntk=P_EPI

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