My name is Roman Polaski, and I am a licensed, insured, professional cabinetmaker here in Northern Connecticut.

Cabinetmaking is an unusual profession because it combines two very different disciplines: engineering and artistry.  Structural engineering, wood mechanics, and finish chemistry are combined with functionality, personality and aesthetic beauty.  Your personal input is what melds both disciplines together successfully.

You are here because you have been referred to me.  Within this site, you will see some of the projects of which I am most proud.  Each project arrived with its own set of challenges and expectations.  They were successful, because while I helped guide the owners, I did not lead them.  I understand that only you can “see” the finished project, and it is up to me to try and see it through your eyes.

Below you'll find examples of a wide variety of my projects.   I would love to be able to include your project in my photo array as well!  Please feel free to contact me via email or phone to discuss what I might be able to design for your home.

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