This challenging commission was to create a "trophy room" for a serious big-game hunter and world traveler. There's no doubt about the fact that this is a "man's" room!  In order to see just how a project like this comes together, I've take this time-lapse photo sequence so you can see the assembly process.  Before anything was cut, however, many hundreds of board feet of lumber were finished off-site to keep the finishing debris and odors to a minimum and to ensure that the resulting look was uniform throughout the project.  After many months of planning and weeks of work, I believe you'll find the final results quite remarkable.

Design Process

From our first meeting, we will work to design what you want.  You should see how the design process moves from drawings, confirmation of design, material selection, render, building and installation. These are the processes you get from someone as invested in your ideas as much as you. Please, double click any of the images and see some more of my work.

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